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Important Safety Information

Our community has been severely impacted by wildfires. We care about you! Please find helpful information to protect yourself and your loved ones in the aftermath of the fire.

Cleaning Up After a Fire - Wildfires seriously impact people, land, animals, the environment and the economy. If your home was in the path of a wildfire, the cleanup process may need some special considerations. Read more information

The fires have deposited large amounts of ash on indoor and outdoor surfaces in areas across Napa County. Click
here for information about how to safely cleanup fire ash in areas without fire damage.

The fires in Napa County are causing hazardous air quality conditions. The best way to protect yourself from health effects of wildfire smoke is to limit your exposure by using
N-95 Respirator Masks.

For safety precautions for re-entry and clean up after fire, click here.



"We know the challenges that families face when they have a child with a disability or a special health need because we have already been there."


Our Purpose

Through our experiences and training, we provide hope and guidance for families of children with disabilities, regardless of the degree or severity of the disability.

Our Mission

ParentsCAN is a professional, parent-led organization that helps families of children with special needs. We connect parents and caregivers to trained advocates who understand their challenges, and compassionately guide them to services that strengthen and support the entire family.

Our Vision

That all individuals with disabilities and their families have access to services and support to reach their full potential.

Because sometimes, only another parent can understand.

We’ve been there. These are the stories we hear every day.

Message from Marlena

ParentsCAN is very thankful that so many of you have reached out to offer love and support during this difficult time.

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Come for the coffee, stay for the kids!

Come for the coffee, stay for the kids!

ParentsCAN would like to invite you to join us for an hour long, informational, on-site visit at our Family Center to learn more about the current state of care for children with special needs and how our programs support those children and their families.

Call 707-253-7444 to schedule a visit for yourself or your group.

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